Volkswagen Polo Sport

  • Day

    3 000
  • 2-7 days

    2 800
  • From 7 days

    2 500

    *Deposit - 10 000

  • Cost of 1 km
    over 200km per day

    15 /км

The new car Volkswagen Polo in the Sport configuration is an ideal choice for those who appreciate dynamic style, comfort and advanced technology.

This car is a symbiosis of sportiness and functionality. In the maximum Sport configuration, it is equipped with sports seats that provide optimal support during driving, alloy wheels that give the car an elegant look, as well as a modern LCD dashboard.

This car’s newly updated multimedia system supports CarPlay and Android Auto technology, allowing you to connect your smartphone and use its functions directly on the car’s screen. There’s also a rearview camera and parktronics on board to make parking easier and safer when maneuvering.


Additional details

  • Power

    125 hp

  • Acceleration to 100 km/h

    9.2 sec

  • Fuel type


  • Кондиционер:
  • Коробка передач: АКПП

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Volkswagen Polo Sport

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    10 000 руб.