Kia Rio

  • Day

    3 000
  • 2-7 days

    2 800
  • From 7 days

    2 500

    *Deposit - 10 000

  • Cost of 1 km
    over 200km per day

    15 /км

The Kia Rio economy class car in the maximum configuration offers a number of advantages and amenities:

– Heated steering wheel and seats to provide comfort on cold days.
– Large screen multimedia system with support for CarPlay and Android Auto, which makes it easy to connect to your smartphone and enjoy media content during the trip.
– Keyless access, which makes it easier to open and start the car without the need for a key.
– Rear view camera to ensure safety when parking and maneuvering in reverse.
– Climate control, which allows you to set a comfortable temperature in the cabin.
– Multi-steering wheel for convenient control of the functions of the car without leaving the road.

If you are looking for a reliable and functional car in economy class, then Kia Rio in the maximum configuration is an excellent choice! Enjoy the comfort and convenience that this car offers.

Additional details

  • Power

    123 hp

  • Acceleration to 100 km/h

    11.2 sec

  • Fuel type


  • Кондиционер:
  • Коробка передач: АКПП

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Kia Rio

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  • Deposit

    10 000 руб.