BMW M550i xDrive

  • Day

    26 000
  • 2-7 days

    24 000
  • From 7 days

    22 000

    *Deposit - 30 000

  • Cost of 1 km
    over 200km per day

    70 /км

We offer the BMW M550i sedan for booking. Smooth body lines, futuristic appearance, smooth ride and uniqueness – this is all about the BMW M550i. The car, which became revolutionary for the Bavarian concern, combined premium quality, neat design
and new technologies. BMW engineers did their best, making the car both beautiful, and manageable, and frisky. The leather interior of this car, coupled with the premium Harman Kardon audio system, will give you an unforgettable driving experience. Experience the superior approach of the Bavarian automaker in every detail – inside and out.

Additional details

  • Power

    530 hp

  • Acceleration to 100 km/h

    3.8 sec

  • Fuel type


  • Кондиционер:
  • Коробка передач: АКПП

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BMW M550i xDrive

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    30 000 руб.