Audi A5 Cabrio

  • Day

    16 000
  • 2-7 days

    15 000
  • From 7 days

    14 000

    *Deposit - 20 000

  • Cost of 1 km
    over 200km per day

    70 /км

The Audi A5 Cabrio is an exceptional car that combines luxurious design, high performance and comfort. This black-colored convertible promises you an unforgettable driving experience both in and out of the city.

With a roof that can be retracted, the Audi A5 Cabrio allows you to enjoy fresh air and bright sunshine during your ride. It is perfect for those who appreciate style and elegance.

The powerful 2-liter engine with 249 horsepower provides smooth acceleration and dynamic behavior on the road. Combined with Audi’s advanced technology, this vehicle guarantees you reliability and driving pleasure.



Additional details

  • Power

    265 hp

  • Acceleration to 100 km/h

    6 sec

  • Fuel type


  • Кондиционер:
  • Коробка передач: АКПП

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Audi A5 Cabrio

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    20 000 руб.