Car Rental Rules

Our company provides car services for renting vehicles in St. Petersburg. When ordering a car, please review the following terms.


All vehicles are insured. Information on actions in case of an accident can be found on the car insurance page.


The rental cost is set in rubles and includes VAT. The available daily mileage is 200 km, which accumulates over all rental days. For instance, with a 5-day rental, the total available mileage is 1000 km. The price decreases depending on the rental duration. Exceeding the mileage limit is calculated separately for each car; you can obtain this information from the manager.

Renter’s Responsibilities

  • Valid passport of the Russian Federation citizen.
  • Driver’s license of the Russian Federation.
  • Minimum age of 23 years.
  • Driving experience of at least 3 years, except for Lada Grant car (2 years of experience).
  • Permanent residency in the territory of the Russian Federation.
  • Driving the vehicle is allowed only by the person specified in the contract.
  • The car can only be used for personal purposes. Any profit-related activities are prohibited.
  • Using the vehicle outside St. Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast requires approval from company representatives.
  • Rental agreement for the vehicle.

The deal with the client can be concluded at the address specified for car delivery or at the company’s office, following the lessor’s rules. Familiarize yourself with the terms before signing the agreement.

Rental Duration

The rental period for a car is one day. If the rental period is shorter, the cost will be equivalent to a full day’s rental.

The car must be returned at the specified time in the contract. In case of late return, an additional fee will be charged for a full day.

The rental duration can be extended during vehicle usage.

In case of reservation cancellation, the prepayment for the reservation is non-refundable. If the renter does not arrive at the designated place and time without notice or communication, the company has the right to rent out the car to another person. In this case, the reservation fee is not refunded.

Vehicle Inspection and Handover

Carefully inspect the vehicle for damages before entering into an agreement. If there are damages, they should be noted when signing the contract.

When returning the car, ensure that it is returned without damages.

Actions in Case of Theft or Accident

In case of breakdown, accident, or theft of the car, you need to:

  • Immediately report the incident to All Rent company.
  • Contact traffic police (GIBDD) to create a protocol.
  • Create a damage report with the lessor.