Audi A5

  • Day

    13 000
  • 2-7 days

    12 000
  • From 7 days

    11 000

    *Deposit - 20 000

  • Cost of 1 km
    over 200km per day

    50 /км

The distinctive features of the new 2020-2021 Audi A5 include harmonious proportions, expressive body lines, and elegant chrome trims that blend with the aggressively designed front grille, imposing wheel arches, stylish wheels, and broad air intakes, perfectly accentuating the car’s sporty elegance.

The interior boasts meticulously thought-out ergonomics, noble finishing materials, and rich technological features. Every detail here is designed to provide unparalleled comfort and coziness. The spacious cabin is equipped with a sporty steering wheel, comfortable seats with intricate stitching, and a modern MMI multimedia system with a touchscreen, offering easy and convenient access to the digital world.

Additional details

  • Power

    265 hp

  • Acceleration to 100 km/h

    6 sec

  • Fuel type


  • Кондиционер:
  • Коробка передач: АКПП

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Audi A5

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    20 000 руб.